Have family fun together without breaking the bank!

Do something new every weekend!

With activities like theme parks, museums, dining,  and movie tickets, you’ll have access to so much to do, you’ll be constantly on the go!

One affordable pass for the whole family!

An easy-to-use app where you can search, save, and redeem  discounts with one click so you can get to the fun even faster.

Share your offers with friends & family.

As long as one registered family member is present, you can use your offers for anyone in your group, so now grandma can come too!

We want to help families get out and spend fun, quality time together without breaking the bank.

Current times have been tough on a lot of families, and we want to help.

So we want to give your family access to many fun activities and huge discounts, FREE for 30 days. After that, your pass is only $10 a month for the whole family!

Monthly-Local Area Fun Activities and Deals

Use the Fam Fun Pass to have fun with your family, reconnect, eliminate screen time and finally find ways to bring everyone back together.

Huge discounted and FREE activities at locations that are included in your monthly pass membership.

Go out and eat together with discounts of up to 50% OFF

Enjoy a night dining out together with special deals and discounts including: Free kids meals, Buy-One-Get-One entrees, and other discounts and popular restaurants.

Thousands of nationwide discounts!

Incredible family deals in over 700,000 locations for over 900 popular brands nationwide including movie theaters, activity centers, restaurants, hotels, travel, golf, shopping, beauty, movies, home, automotive, and even most months, theme parks like Disneyland and Legoland!

Instant access to deals wherever you are.

Instant access right on your phone to deals and freebies wherever you are with the exclusive Fam Fun Pass app.  Including access to online-only offers through our website!

It’s Extremely Easy to Use!

The Fam Fun Pass is easy to use. All you have to do is open the app, find the deal that you want and hit select. Nothing could be easier.

Better yet, you can set the app to whatever town you are in and to find the deals for that local area!  This means that your Fam Fun Pass can be used even when you’re traveling to save additional money!

Here's how to start saving!

Get Your Pass

All you need to do to get started is purchase your pass membership online for only $10 a month for the whole family! One login can be used for each person which makes signing up nice and easy.

Download the App

Once you’ve made your purchase, just go to the App Store on your Apple or Android device and search for Fam Fun Passes. Then login using your email and password that you created when you purchased the pass.

Setup Your Profiles

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to set a profile with name and image for each person in your family. Then when they are logged in on their own devices, they can pick their image. This picture is used when redeeming deals so the vendor can verify that you’re a pass holder. You’re ready to start saving!

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After 30 days, your pass is only $10 a month for the whole family!

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