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Join us on this incredible movement as we bring families back together and having fun again! Whether your business is an activity, a unique local store, or a restaurant they just have to try, we’re here to offer families discounts on new things to do while getting you FREE exposure to new customers! 

That’s right! Introduce your brand to our database of potential new customers through enticing custom Freebies and offers. It’s as easy as signing up!

You’ll have full control over what you want your Freebie and offers to be, so you can design them in a way that encourages guests to visit and spend more money at your facility while also considering your bottom line.

Redeeming offers is so easy! Our app provides the guest with everything they need to know on redeeming, making it really simple for your employees to recognize the our app and get them their deal. We’ll be able to know what offers are being used and can adjust it to make sense for your business at any time.

Here's how it all works

Creating the offer

We will work with you to curate the perfect deal that drives business and increases revenue. You have TONS of flexibility on what you can offer: Your offer is good for the whole family,  with limitations like good for up to a certain number of guests,  use-it-or-lose-it, or a daily, weekly, or monthly, and annual refresh. We can change these deals at anytime without any commitment to our app users, allowing you to try out offers to see how they work to drive traffic. The options are endless! 

When it's time to redeem

Redemptions for in-person activities are controlled by a geofence around the location, so once the customer is there, the redeem button becomes active. They simply show your cashier the screen which shows what is being redeemed, who is redeeming it from the subscription (with their picture to verify) and how many they are redeeming (if it’s a Freebie). We are also able to turn this feature off in scenarios where this isn’t needed. We built this app with so much flexibility and with the vendor in mind, so we can create the right redemption process for your business.

See your results

Now that your offer is live, just sit back and let the guests roll in! We’ll be monitoring the activity on your deal (such as views and redemptions) and making recommendations on how to adjust it if you aren’t seeing the results you expected. We are here to give families fun activities, but we also want them to get to know you and your business, so finding the right deal is key. 

Let's show your stuff!

Get a FREE Sizzle Video of your business (a $7,000 Value!) by signing on to provide offers for a year!

As your business partner, we want to help show off what is so amazing and unique about your business. That’s why we’re also including this incredible sizzle reel (just like the one we did here) for us to use to promote you to our families, but also for you to use in anyway you’d like! All you have to do is agree to engage for a year and have at least one live Freebie available at all times. It’s a win-win! 

Interested in learning more?

Whether you’re ready to sign on or want to get to know us and our app a little more, let’s get in touch! Just fill out the form below and we will get back to you by the next business day.