Putting the fun back in FAM.

Our Story

The FAM Project was started by a group of families tired of losing their kids attention to devices and social media. F.A.M. stands for Family Awareness Movement, and we are committed to shining a light so bright on the effects and issues surrounding technological addictions like social media and gaming, which in some cases leads to pornography and other detrimental, even life threatening addictions and behaviors.

Handing our children a smartphone at a young age could lead to serious addictions down the road if we’re not careful. It could prove to be the demise of future generations to come and our society as we know it.

We live in the 21st century. The advent of the internet, smart phones, and social media, has put our lives into hyperdrive. Constant notifications, overstimulation and information at our fingertips and nothing will change, unless we do. Since this social bombardment is not going away and will only increase in momentum as new technological and social advancements continue to scream for our time and attention, we must fight back and get M.A.D. (Make A Difference). We are constantly looking for organizations that share in our vision and mission so as a united front we can kick this movement into overdrive to affect the lives of those we love. Our products are designed to bring families back together again. Join our mission and help families take back their life!

Our Vision

The FAM Project is a movement to give families and parents a fighting chance to stay connected and flourish in today’s technological world. Through our various products we are committed to helping families create more memorable experiences and provide discounts, freebies and a host of ideas to encourage getting out of the house and disconnected from devices and social media. Since the FAM project is all about awareness we are constantly educating parents and children alike on how to live in a fast paced technological world but not be controlled by it. Through our tools and resources, our parents will have more confidence in knowing how to manage and monitor their children’s screen time as well as protect them against unwanted adult material, content and potential predators.

We encourage hands on learning through experience with coordinated adventures and coordinated travel opportunities. We are committed to creating fun and engaging resources that promote awareness for our youth and helps prepare them to be responsible, smart phone users. We will make a difference one family at a time and give parents alternatives to the smart phone baby sitter. Since kids do what they see parents do, we encourage parents to look at their own device usage and help create boundaries that everyone can live with. And more importantly, start to connect and thrive as a family again. Join the F.A.M. project and help put families back together one piece at a time.